• 5 Things “Privilege” in the World of IT
    5 Things “Privilege” in the World of IT When talking about “Programmer” what comes to your mind? People, who have to grapple with multiple programming languages? People working at night? People, who tend to be quiet and introverted? But, did you know that all professions in the world have their respective advantages! Let us discuss […]
  • ICStar Hackathon ” Robotic Process Automation ” 2020
    ICStar Hackathon ” Robotic Process Automation ” 2020 In last April 2020, PT. ONE (Orbit National Education) which a part of IDStar Group are held a Hackathon Competition which is held online with a RPA theme (Robotic Process Automation). Supported by a big company that focused on the RPA sector, UiPath. ICStar Hackathon also supported […]
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    IT outsourcing (Information Technology) is a phrase used to describe the practice of finding resources or …
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    Company has been connected to the digital landscape in all sorts of ways, and it seems like every day there is a …
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