4 Must Have Skills to Become a Scrum Master !

4 Must Have Skills to Become a Scrum Master ! Do you want to have a career in IT? One of the professions that you can choose in this field is as a scrum master. Basically, in project management there is a work method of completing a project called scrum. Scrum is a framework that […]

Software Developer vs Software Engineer

Software Developer and Software Engineer Based on the Computer Science Degree Hub, software developers and software engineers have different tasks. Software Engineering refers to the machine principles when creating software. For example, from life-cycle development to connecting with client needs by utilizing applicable technology; develop systematic processes to perform specific functions, and use engineering concepts […]

Tips & Trick How to Learn Programming Faster

What You Should Learn Before Learning Coding? That’s an interesting question, and I often wonder why more people do not think like that. It always important to think in terms of prerequisites whenever trying to learn or build anything. I teach Android and Web development at coding blocks — which is a software development bootcamp in […]

WAJIB TAU! Cara Mudah Cek Status Pajak dengan Nomer NPWP

Apasih NPWP itu? Nomor Pokok Wajib Pajak (NPWP) adalah nomor yang dimiliki oleh setiap orang ataupun badan usaha yang berpenghasilan. Ketentuan wajib pajak tersebut diatur dalam undang-undang nomor 16 tahun 2009. NPWP merupakan tanda pengenal atau identitas Wajib Pajak (WP) untuk melaksanakan hak dan kewajiban perpajakannya. Untuk itu bagi kamu yang sudah bekerja dan memiliki […]

Digital Data Storage

Digital Data Storage Digital data storage is basically the recording of digital information in a storage medium, usually by electronic means. Storage devices typically allow users to store large amounts of data in a relatively small physical space, and make it easy to share that information with others. The device may be capable of storing […]

Difference between XML and HTML

Difference between XML and HTML XML and HTML are markup languages ​​that are defined for different purposes and have some differences. The previous difference is that in XML there are provisions for defining new elements while HTML does not provide a specification for defining new elements and using predefined tags. XML can be used to […]


SKILL BACKEND DEVELOPER Building a website is not only about an attractive appearance, but you also need to ensure that the exchange of website data that occurs between the browser and server can run smoothly. In other words, you also have to pay attention to the server and the database, so that your website can […]

Mandatory Tools for Programmers

Mandatory Tools for Programmers Technological developments can open up work stalls for someone. Especially in today’s digital era. Many startups need work to create and develop technology. One of them is the programmer profession. Programmer is a profession that is in demand by young people today. In addition, this profession is considered to have future […]

The Difference between .com and .id

The Difference between .com and .id In the internet world, the domain is an important aspect of a website. Its function is as an address that makes it easier for visitors to find the information they want. The word domain itself has been widely spread on the internet. However, do you really understand what a […]

Python VS C++

Python vs C++ Very simple syntax compared to Java, C, and C++ languages. It is used for Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and the general overarching AI field. Very useful in data analysis and visualization. Extensive library and handy tools for developers/programmer Python is cross-compatible Python has its auto-installed shell Compared with the code of other […]