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Company Detail

We are a group of tech Savvy people that really focuses on Financial Technology and Digitalization. We put our spirit in Democratizing Financial services for Indonesian so all class of people from diferent segments can be a part of Cashless Society in Digital era thru Digital Payment, P2P Lending & Remittances. All in one single Platform Application in your smartphone. So Simple ? Yes, we can do that because We are Digiasian.

To be an active part of the digital revolution of Indonesia. By reforming the socio-economic dynamics and empowering a technology-savvy society through digital financial services.

To acquire operationally & financially consolidate digital and traditional assets, with the aim to redefine the ecosystem and day-to-day behaviors of customers.

Besides all of the conveniences we provide, we are the only player with the most complete licenses in the Financial Service Industry. We have all licenses for Digital Payment, P2P Lending and Remittance under 3 legitimate brands of DigiAsia: Kaspro, Kreditpro & Remitpro. Our unique B2B2C approach always assists our business partners to digitize their operation and customer base, hence developing fully digital and cashless ecosystem effectively.