Date(s) - 01/07/2020
7:00 am - 9:00 am


Moderator : Siska Suri

Trainer       :

1. Ms. Arifa Tan (CEO of IDStar Group and President of IKA Binus)

2. Teddy Budiawan (Binus Career Manager)


Hello! Alot of us actually have extraordinary personal and skill, but sometimes we can not convey it well. Therefore it is very important that we know about personal branding!
When we talk about personal branding, we cannot separate our daily lives. What is the key to a good personal branding? Let’s attend a Webinar organized by IKA BINUS with ONE Indonesia (IDSTAR Group) and Binus Career themed “Your Personal Brand Image: What? Why? When? How? Should I? “.

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