Digital Workforce

Digital workforce is a scalable team of software robots that supports and augments the work that our employees are currently doing. Employing software robots actually enables us humans, to go back being a human.
As of now in many cases, we utilize a lot of human resources to do repetitive mundane administrative tasks. Our resources are so caught up with the activities that they need to do and without realizing it, becoming more like a robot.

Professional Workforce

IDstar provides the complete IT expertises required to fulfill your IT Resources Requirement. Our resources ranging from Developer, Analyst, Quality Assurance, Architect up until the Project Management. The Developer itself covers a lot of technology area such as, Java, .Net, PHP, Frontend, Backend, Fullstack, Mobile as well as a very specific IT skill such as Tibco Developer and UiPath RPA Developer.

Virtual Workforce

Nowadays, we are approaching the era of working anytime and anywhere. We are stepping towards the concept working and paid based on results.
IDStar is moving towards that idea and we will provide guarantee on the results, thus ensuring the enterprise regarding with the quality and the end result.


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