Live Virtual 360 ° “Moving Towards Society 5.0”, IDStar Group Raises Public Awareness of the Importance of Technology

Have you been aware of Society 5.0’s new revolution? This new revolution, formulated by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in March 2017 at the CeBIT exhibition, Hannover, Germany (source: to deal with all the problems that occur in Japan and was only inaugurated on January 21, 2019. Where at that time Japan was experiencing a challenge of reducing the population which made the population/workers of productive age decrease, so Japan tried to improve this condition by implementing Society 5.0.

Society 5.0 itself becomes a “solution” of the 4.0 Industrial Revolution, where Society 5.0 is expected to create new value through the development of sophisticated technology, so as to reduce the gap between humans and economic problems going forward.

IDStar Group is one of the companies engaged in technology, which focuses on the IT industry and of course, strongly supports the development of technology in Indonesia in the digital Society 5.0 era. Therefore, IDStar Group held a Big Virtual Event, namely “Moving Towards Society 5.0” which lasted for 3 days (9-11 November 2020) and was attended by Muhammad Neil El Himam (Deputy for Digital Economy and Creative Products), Armand Wahyudi Hartono (Vice President Director of BCA), and Erwin Muniruzaman (SVP – Head of HR Operation Indosat) as a speaker.

This event is carried out in a different way, namely with a virtual 360 ° exhibition platform which can provide a new experience for all participants, where all participants can tour and visit all available booth companies. This event highlighted the perspective of Technology, Human, and Marketing towards Society 5.0.


In the Moving Towards Society 5.0 event moderated by Irene Umar (Founder of DNC Indonesia), participants were invited to a panel discussion and presentation of interesting ideas from the speakers. From smart cities connected to human-robot collaboration, recharging people for, In the Moving Towards Society 5.0 event moderated by Irene Umar (Founder of DNC Indonesia), participants were invited to a panel discussion and presentation of interesting ideas from the speakers. From smart cities connected to human-robot collaboration, recharging people for a faster time in marketing to creating great customer experiences.

IDStar, an IT Resource company, has participated in the implementation of Society 5.0. Arifa Tan, who is the CEO of IDStar, revealed that the purpose of holding this Moving Towards Society 5.0 Event is “Together we can definitely do it. Through this event we try to bring our countries together in an attractive future destination, which makes us ready for the global market and global workforce ”.

Drife Solusi Integration, which is part of the IDStar Group, is a company engaged in Digital Marketing Transformation. “In 2020 we see that there is an opportunity to develop automation even further by combining automation with machine learning. Therefore, we issue a digital workforce for our customers,” said Ferdinand Prasetyo, CEO of Drife.

Echo of Technology Innovation is also part of the IDStar Group which focuses on Human Capital Management, which highly upholds Society 5.0. Tonny Soeroso who is the CEO of GIT stated that “Society 5.0 will always talk about HR Software because this is one of the points that will be very helpful from the HR side to manage employee data. One of the important points in HR software is Human Capital Management “.

            In addition, there is also ONE Indonesia, which is one of the companies under IDStar, which acts as a “liaison” company between education and industry, presenting “ONE Talent Apps”, which is an application mobile created with the aim of developing a career, especially in the IT field. Completely, this application can help users to find jobs, take part in online events, and make their CV professionally. “ONE Talent Apps is a platform for all IT enthusiasts. People who want to learn and have the right mindset and passion for IT who want to try reskilling. We are open to you. “Said Deddy Ariesandy, Head of Business Development at IDStar. In addition, he also said that ONE Talent Apps is a Virtual Employee platform, which is a platform for employees who can do remote work.

            On the third day of running Moving Towards Society 5.0is a special day for the IDStar Group family, because November 11, 2020, is IDStar’s second birthday. In addition, the third day is also an important day because Karuna Baruna was launched for the first time and was immediately inaugurated by Muhammad Neil El Himam who is the Deputy for Digital Economy and Creative Products). Karuna Baruna Nusantara is a new member of the IDStar Group which focuses on becoming a Digital Center in Indonesia. “Karuna Baruna Nusantara has a very extraordinary mission covering Love and Compass Nation which means love or love that I have for Indonesia, that is the basis of Karuna Baruna Nusantara for the establishment of Indonesia’s digital center.” Said Brenda Regina Hansen, who is the CEO of Karuna Baruna Nusantara.

Source: Live Event Documentation

Moving Towards Society 5.0 Event went very well and received a positive response from all webinar participants. Thank you to the parties who have supported this event. First to IDStar Group, Karuna Baruna Nusantara, Kemenparekraf, MASATA, BCA, Adira, ICCN, Indosat, Genesys, Oracle, OutSystems, TIBCO, UiPath, Adobe, Transjakarta, ADirect, Ladara, Epic Bali, Microsoft, Binus, My Icon Technology, Alona and TMRW by UOB.

Project Manager Moving Towards Society 5.0, Angga Wibowo revealed “The Moving Towards Society 5.0 event was extraordinary. The synergy of humans and technology must be realized for human welfare, productivity & effectiveness is helped by technology. Let’s educate and implement the 5.0 Society”.

Riska Anindhita, who was one of the participants of the Moving Towards Society 5.0, felt very useful, she said, “I think the Moving Towards Society 5.0 event yesterday was very inspiring and provided a lot of knowledge from several experts who have contributed to this event. Provides a broad view both theoretically and technically of the real world. A deeper understanding of technology is indeed very important for a sharper marketing strategy with market behavior which of course can change. Hopefully, events like this can continue. Thanks, IDStar! Keep fostering and empowering ”.

The replay can be accessed through the YouTube Channel National Education Orbit.