teknologi ini dapat meningkatkan produktivitas perusahaan

The right technology will increase the company’s productivity

Along with the development of the times, making technology, of course, is also growing. This makes humans inevitably have to continue to adapt to technological developments. Until in the end, the role of technology is needed in everyday life and even in company operations.


In fact, in a company, technology is used as a “reference” which shows an advancement in the company. So, the more sophisticated the technology applied in the company, the higher the level of employee productivity, because with technology, work will be more practical, easy, and of course fast.


Then, what are the roles of technology in supporting company productivity?

  1. With technology, work that is usually done manually or is input one by one can be automated using technology. This can reduce costs incurred by the company, ranging from labor costs, stationery costs, and others.
  2. In addition to reducing costs incurred by the company, technology will make employees do something of a higher value (value) so that the time required to do repetitive work (repeatedly) becomes shorter and faster. Technology will minimize the bureaucratic chain, for example, job A can be completed within 1 week, so with the technology work, A can be completed in just 1 day.
  3. Make the company more competitive, because it can make decisions faster. Why? Because by using technology, all the data the company needs will be obtained in a short time.
  4. When using technology, all systems within the company can be integrated with all offices or companies. So that if a problem occurs, the speed in responding will increase. Even the management can monitor the condition of the company/office without having to visit the office which will require accommodation costs.


The use of the right technology will greatly help increase the level of productivity in your company. Using technology can also reduce human error in a job. So, make sure the technology you use in the company is right!