This Is The Reason Why Your Business Needs a Website

Are you familiar with websites right? A website is a collection of interconnected web pages that generally contain a collection of information provided by individuals, groups, or organizations.


Currently, many businesses use a website as an identity for their business, such as IDstar which has a website page contains some information about the company, starting from what services we offer, why IDstar, the organizational structure in IDstar, to job vacancies that can be seen by website visitors. Then, do all businesses have to have a website? Come on, together, see why your business needs a website!


1. The first is by using a website, your business will look more professional than other similar businesses. 84% of consumers today think that having a website makes a business more credible and professional compared to companies that only have social media.

2. With a website, you can display reviews from your customers/clients as social proof. Displaying customer reviews or testimonials on your website is a great way to build social proof.

3. The last thing is, with a website, consumers can visit your business website 24/7 to just look for information, reviews, to attract attention to your business’s end, so that it does not rule out the possibility of your product/service becoming a consumer wishlist at the time. You fell asleep. So, how? Isn’t it really useful if the business has a website?

So what are you waiting for? Immediately build a website for the progress of your business!