Boost Revenues and Lower Costs with UiPath RPA

Let a “robot” do the dull work routines for you and save up to 80% of processing cost.

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What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA) ?

RPA is a computer software that mimics how a human would use a computer. It can open applications
and work on its own. RPA can even open multiple applications and use data across platforms.
So, you can command it to finish repetitive tasks while you focus on more delicate matters that requires human creativity and subtleness.

IDStar, in partnership with UIPath, can provide you with RPA. Our trusted partner, UIPath, is a leading international
software company prominently known for its RPA platform. Our partnership guarantees that you get the best that RPA can offer.
RPA’s Benefits for Your Company

100% Accuracy

RPA follows your commands without getting tired and without making mistakes 24/7 all year. The result will always be consistent.
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Improved Compliance

RPA does exactly as commanded and everything can be monitored. So you have full control and less risk of mistakes. RPA will operate according to the rules and standards you set.

Fast & High ROI

Reduce processing costs by up to 80%. You will get ROI (Return Of Investment) in less than 12 months for automating your business processes.

Super Scalable

If one “robot” can help that much, imagine an army of them in all your business units and in all branches around the world. Additional robot can be deployed quickly with minimal costs.

Increased Speed and Productivity

You are not paying your employees to copy paste numbers into a table. RPA can do that much faster anyway! Your employees should be doing something else with added value for the company.

Our Notable Clients

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Automate Your Processes !


Human Resources

Data Entry, Payroll, Recruitments (Back Office), Compliance & Reporting, Time & Attendance Management, etc.

Supply Chain

Inventory Management, Demand & Supply Planning, Invoice & Contract Management, Work Order Management, Returns Processing, etc.

IT Services

Server & App Monitoring, Password Reset/Unlock, Email Processing & Distribution, Back Up & Restoration, Routine Maintenance & Monitoring, etc.

Finance & Accounting

Procure to Pay (AP), Record to Report, Vendor Management, Incentive Claims, Sales Order, etc.

Power Up Your Business with UiPath RPA

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Proof of Concept (PoC)

IDStar give a UiPath RPA test drive for FREE! Pick a process in your company and IDStar will do a PoC for your company. See for yourself what UiPath RPA can do in just a short while.


Do a piloting phase on just several of your business processes so you know the power of UiPath RPA. IDStar can also provide training and workshops to enable your company to customize your
own robot process.


Roll out a comprehensive robot implementation for your entire business across all departments and functions.